At São Martinho do Porto, discover a very special place ...

Hotel o Amável was a project started in 1987 with the intention of offering a wide range of services in the hotel and restaurant sector.

The company got its name in honor of its founder and current manager, Amável Casimiro Sábio.

The current building is the result of consecutive expansion works and improvements made over the years, specially the total interior and exterior refurbishment made between 2014 and 2015.

Proudly renewed and with redoubled forces we invite everyone to visit this already very well-known establishment by its quality and good price practices.

Above all, and as the name implies (O Amável means The Friendly in English language), enjoy a very kind reception! For more information contact us.

"The best Accommodation, Restaurant and Cafe services await you in São Martinho do Porto"

Amável Casimiro Sábio - Founder and General Manager of O Amável Hotel


Rua São José - Casal dos Medros 2460-873 São Martinho do Porto
Phone: +351 262 989 643 | Phone/Fax: +351 262 989 607 | Mobile Phone: +351 919 504 375
email: geral@residencialoamavel.com

GPS coordenates: 39.5019169 | -9.1291188